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What can I do with CloudOS?

Instantly deploy new frameworks and orchestration tools, including OpenStack®, Hadoop®, Spark™, Docker Swarm®, or Mesos™, on bare metal. Change 'em up later on the fly. CloudOS makes deploying new frameworks and services as simple as downloading an app to your smartphone.


Eliminate Silos

Near limitless solutions for virtualization, big data, and containers - dynamically distributed on the same infrastructure platform.

Deploy Instantly

Deploy new services, frameworks, and tools on bare metal instantly with just a few clicks, and re-allocate resources on the fly.

Automate Operations

Advanced automation technology frees your team from time-consuming and labor-intensive routine scaling and management tasks.

Scale Freely

Scale incrementally as little as one server at a time, or thousands at a time, with your choice of commodity hardware and zero configuration.

Never Fail

Protect your application services from the inevitable failure of your hardware. Piston CloudOS delivers zero downtime protection.

Focus on Apps

Fewer infrastructure hassles means better productivity for your DevOps and data science teams. Focus on apps, not infrastructure and operations.

How does it work?

Perfected through years of OpenStack deployments at hundreds of companies, Piston CloudOS enables a fundamentally new way of delivering IT capability that puts you in control. CloudOS makes bare metal orchestration and cluster management an afterthought, empowering you to deploy new services instantly, reduce operational and management costs by 85%, and gain visibility into critical resources.

CloudOS includes everything needed to boot, manage, and scale a hyper-converged infrastructure environment to support your modern distributed applications. Our automated hands-free approach delivers the ease of operations of public cloud, with the game-changing economics and control of private cloud.

Dive into the Tech

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