Piston CloudOS™ + Piston OpenStack™

Piston enables agile development teams to quickly deploy scalable, secure, production-ready private cloud environments on commodity converged hardware.

Piston CloudOS is a multi-server operating system that delivers elastic and highly-available resources to support agile applications. Piston OpenStack is the industry's first curated OpenStack product with enterprise support. Together, they deliver the fastest path for agile development teams to deploy OpenStack in a hands-free fault-tolerant web-scale environment.


Linear Scalability

Just like the public cloud, Piston software allows you to incrementally add resources whenever you need the capacity or scale-in whenever you don't, so you're not wasting time or money.

Production Ready

Piston CloudOS + Piston OpenStack is currently being deployed at scale in diverse production environments around the globe. Learn more about our customers.


Your business is growing up-and-to-the-right, but so are your AWS bills. Piston gives you the same easy-to-use self service capabilities as AWS, with a lower TCO.


A Piston private cloud can be deployed in minutes and includes everything you need for a complete application development and testing environment. Go from racked gear to deploying apps in a single day.

Hardware Agnostic

No matter which hardware vendor you choose, Piston helps you deliver amazing density and efficiency, which translates directly into cost savings.

Hands-Free Operations

Piston automates the orchestration of the entire private cloud, freeing your software development teams to focus on applications, not infrastructure.

TCO Calculator

Use our easy TCO calculator to estimate how much your Piston private cloud will cost, and compare it to your current AWS bill.

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