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Piston Cloud Sponsors “Back At It” San Francisco OpenStack™ Event (videos)

Piston Staff  /  Jan 10, 2012  / 

This past Thursday, we started the year with the second largest SFBay OpenStack event ever! This was an extremely exciting result for the first event that I’ve facilitated, thanks to my Piston Cloud team. In addition to the hacking meetups we regularly host, we’re already working on presenting many more events this year.

The event, titled “Back at it“, was graciously hosted by New Relic in their new San Francisco Office, and featured the20’s artisan wines. Both had a lot of fun and were happy to participate:


Our guest speaker was Kieran Lal, Technical Director of Business Development at Acquia, with “Moving 200 Music Artists to the Cloud“. He talked about the ten-year ascent of the Drupal community, and how meeting an industry’s needs (in this case the entertainment industry) improves the Open Source ecosystem. Kieran shared with us the story of how open-source Drupal unseated a proprietary SaaS solution.

Kieran was followed by Paul Lappas of Piston Cloud, and Andre Pech of Arista Networks with “Hands-free OpenStack scale-out with pentOS and the Arista 7124T”.

The evening concluded with Jesse Andrews, Director of Development for Rackspace Cloud Builders, getting technical with “Multi-node Devstack using LXC“.

The setting, the wine, the speakers, and the huge prize – but most of all the attendees – made for a fantastic evening! Thank you.

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