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Wish You Were There — A Second Chance to See Piston at the OpenStack Summit

Piston Staff  /  Nov 1, 2012  / 

Those of you who were able to attend the recent OpenStack Summit in San Diego will know that Piston Cloud was there in force, sometimes sporting our highly-demanded OpenStack t-shirts and other times in our classic, fancy Piston attire. It was great to see old friends and make new acquaintances. Thanks to the OpenStack Foundation, the Summit organizers, and everyone who participated for making the San Diego Summit such a spectacular success!

It’s exciting to see how the OpenStack community is growing broader and broader every day. OpenStack is now deployed in hundreds of production environments by service providers and private enterprises as well as scientific, education, and governmental organizations in every corner of the globe. The only downside to such a diversified community is the logistical difficulty of bringing everyone together under one roof. Still, that’s the kind of problem we’ve worked so hard to have.

For those who couldn’t be there in person this time, we bring glad tidings. Video recordings of our four key talks and panel discussions presented by Piston co-founders Joshua McKenty and Gretchen Curtis are now available:

OpenStack 101

In this talk, Joshua discusses how OpenStack got its start, what it is, and how it’s changing the cloud computing landscape.

The Future of Infrastructure Automation

Joshua explains how the evolution of software-defined infrastructure is helping to advance the capabilities of the PaaS layers.

From the Outside Looking In: Analysts Panel

Gretchen moderates a panel discussion on the successes, challenges, and outlook of OpenStack featuring four leading industry analysts.

This Is Your Career, This is Your Career on OpenStack

Gretchen joins executives from Rackspace, AppFog, and SwiftStack on a panel that shines light on leveraging OpenStack for career advancement.


More good news! Dope’n’Stack: Cloud Anthem, which premiered at our summit party, has been nominated for a record nineteen Grammies*. We consider it to be one of the great contributions in the history of open source club rap.

*Not a factual statement.

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