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Version 2: Now with More Cows

Joshua McKenty  /  Apr 8, 2013  / 

The servers in today’s data center are like puppies – they’ve got names and when they get sick, everything grinds to a halt while you nurse them back to health. Piston Enterprise OpenStack is a system for managing your servers like cattle – you number them, and when they get sick and you have to shoot them in the head, the herd can keep moving. It takes a family of three to care for a single puppy, but a few cowboys can drive tens of thousands of cows over great distances, all while drinking whiskey. Joshua McKenty (adapted from a quote by Bill Baker, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft)

When we kicked off Piston Cloud at the beginning of 2011, we had a simple goal: make sure that OpenStack continued to be a perfect solution for powering private clouds (like the one we built at NASA), even as folks like Rackspace, HP and IBM evolved it for use as a public cloud platform. That meant building something that traditional enterprise organizations could take advantage of – something with high availability and advanced technical support, something with one-click, zero-downtime upgrades. In short, something with physical cows and virtual puppies.

But it’s not 2011 anymore. The oft-abused and already tired term of “cloud” has started to give ground to the new “Software-Defined Everything”, and the dust is settling on the non-debate between public and private infrastructure. The false-dichotomy between reliability and scale is crumbling. “Cowboys” are back in vogue, and they’ve got good, strong farm dogs to keep them company. Finally, we can talk about the benefits of self-service, API-driven infrastructure, without having to debate about who owns the hardware.

Our early enterprise customers in government, financial services and healthcare are now being joined by the most unlikely of companions – the refugees of the suddenly-naked public cloud emperor.

Which brings me back to today’s launch of Enterprise OpenStack V2.0. While we’re still opinionated, and will likely never surrender our cattle approach to physical infrastructure, we’re pleased to announce that Enterprise OpenStack version 2.0 now supports both puppies and cows, for wherever you want to roam. Virtual machines can be highly-available, stored on durable, replicated shared storage, or they can take advantage of ephemeral, high-speed local disk. AWS API support is greatly improved, so bringing a few of your favorite (or most costly to host) applications in-house is a snap. And we’ve broadened our hardware compatibility list and expanded our trial licensing options, making it likely that you can complete a successful Enterprise OpenStack pilot using the hardware you’ve already got on-hand.

So go download it now. Yipee ki-yay!

More details about Piston Enterprise OpenStack V2.0 are in the official press release.

Photo: Kevin Zollman

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