High Availability in OpenStack Clouds

Christopher MacGown  /  Feb 6, 2015  / 

A couple weeks ago, I joined Pere Monclus CTO of PLUMgrid on a webinar discussing high availability in OpenStack clouds. With Piston’s highly converged model for deploying clouds we avoid the invisible duplication of operations and orchestration cost, while at the same time ensuring service availability as a major foundation of our HA model. Using our master-electing service orchestration framework, we provide a robust base on which PLUMgrid can depend on critical OpenStack services being available to their SDN controllers.

In deployments of Piston CloudOS + OpenStack that are running neutron with PLUMgrid ONS, it’s extremely important for customer workloads that the IOVisor can continue moving bits in the event of a management plane disruption. The cloud can keep operating, the workloads can keep operating, and when the disruption is resolved everything can gracefully return to full functionality. These integrations are really exciting, and as our technologies evolve, I really look forward to seeing how things develop.

Watch the full talk on High Availability in OpenStack Clouds:

Watch High Availability in OpenStack Clouds

Watch High Availability in OpenStack Clouds

Christopher MacGown, CTO & Co-founder at Piston, and Pere Monclus, CTO & Co-founder at PLUMgrid, discuss HA in OpenStack Clouds.

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